Ahhh TextMate, how I love thee. This is just a quick post to share a couple of handy TextMate commands. h2. _Balance Jr_ textmate thinggy

You place your caret inside something and the macro will select everything in between enclosing characters. It's kinda like the balance command, except it grabs everything INSIDE the characters, but not the characters themselves. It works with: @[]@, @{}@, @()@, @''@, @""@, @word=""@, @<>@, @><@, @$word@, @@word@, @/* word */@, @<% word %>@, @<%= word %>@, @<%# word %>@, <%@ word %>, @integers@, @comma separated values@, @and probably more@, but I forget now. If you want to select the @paragraph text@ section of the following HTML, place your caret somewhere in the text and hit the macro. It'll select everything between the @>@ & @<@ characters.

paragraph text

h2. Here's all the -crazy- stuff! All these files are @.tmbundle@ packages. I have them in my personal TextMate folder @~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles/@. * "x51.tmbundle":/stuff/x51.tmbundle.zip ** This is the one with the Balance JR commands. * "ASP.net.tmbundle":/stuff/ASP.net.tmbundle.zip * "JavaScript.tmbundle":/stuff/JavaScript.tmbundle.zip * "SQL.tmbundle":/stuff/SQL.tmbundle.zip * "Prototype and Scriptaculous.tmbundle":/stuff/Prototype%20and%20Scriptaculous.tmbundle.zip ** To be able to use my additions to the prototype bundle, you'll need to have the original "Prototype Bundle(Textmate Vibrant Ink Theme and Prototype Bundle)":http://encytemedia.com/blog/articles/2006/01/03/textmate-vibrant-ink-theme-and-prototype-bundle from encytemedia. That's all. *It's been a pleasure*, _as always_!